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October 1st 12:30pm-2:30pm

Veg Fest

Meet our Campus Dietitian Tina Tiernan for an exciting and interactive food fair. See if you have what it takes to be a vegetarian.

Click here for more information!

October 3rd

Delancey Street

This Friday, October 3rd Delancey Street will extend it's hours until 5:30pm for Yom Kippur.

West Side Dining Update

We apologize for the closures of the West Side Dining Salad and Soup bar. A series of corrective steps are being taken to resolve the issue.

Click here for more information!

We are Listening

Let us know about your dining experience! Text us and recieve a personal response back from our Dining Managers. We value all feedback from our customers, so keep telling us the way in which we can serve you better!

Click here for a complete list of our managers numbers!

Commuter Meal Plans

Don't be hangry, purchase a commuter meal plan and save on sales tax! Purchase a $250 or $500 plan by September 30th and be entered for a chance to win a Stadium Parking Pass!

Click here to sign up today!

Jasmine JClub

Now accepting Meal Plans!
Cash, Credit and Wolfie Wallet also accepted

$11.95 beverage included
Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm

Registered Dietitian

Looking for free advice on nutrition and healthy eating? Contact our campus Dietician, Kristina "Tina" Tiernan, at 631-632-9979 or email

Click here to schedule an appointment with Tina.

Price and Portion Guide

Want to know the price of an item before you buy?

Check pricing and portion sizes for thousands of menu items throughout campus.

Click here to view the price and portion guide.

Vegan and Vegetarian Task Force

Want to be a part of Campus Dining Vegan Taskforce?

Next Vegetarian/Vegan Taskforce meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th in the Stony Brook Union Ballroom.

Contact our campus Dietician, Kristina "Tina" Tiernan, at 631-632-9979 or email

What's new with Campus Dining! Week of September 29th

Greek Yogurt Smoothies

Smoothies now available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Union Commons.

SSambap Korean BBQ now available at Jasmine!

Click here to read about our new vendor.

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Follow us on Instagram for event information and contests!

Cooking 101

Free cooking classes offered all semester long! To enroll in a class, email Dawn Villacci at

Click here for a list of classes.

Want to know where to Eat?

See what's open on campus by clicking here

Student Catering

Check out three packages from our upcoming Student Catering Guide! Click here

Jobs available for Fall 2014

Students looking for employment for Fall 2014 can now apply online here.