Manage Your Plan

Open a new account, change or cancel a current account, view account info, and much more. Here's the spot to manage your meal plan account.

Stay on Budget

Stay on Budget is a program designed to help you maintain suffucient funds throughout the year. Getting started is simple!

Resident Plans

Look no further than Campus Dining Services to find great value, variety and convenience! We offer flexible meal plans that fit your busy schedule and stay within your budget.

Commuter Plans

Information about commuter meal plans and all the benefits of commuter plans. A couple of benefits include: Saving the sales tax on every meal purchase and no need to carry cash.

Wolfie Wallet

Learn everything you need to know about Wolfie Wallet from this link.

Meal Plan FAQ

Who has to be on a meal plan? What are the benefits? Find out all the answers to all the most frequently asked questions here.

Meal Plan Resolution Committee Feed Back

Join the Meal Plan Resolutions Committee! Positive results have occured due to these meetings with your help!

Meal Plan Calculator

Looking for a meal plan that fits your eating habits? Our new meal plan calculator will help you decide which plan is right for you.